We’ve arrived…

On October 21st, 2010, posted in: different perspective by 1 Comment

So we’re finally here – on the web – with our ‘new branding’.

What a wonderfully challenging process creating your own website is. As a digital organisation we’re not the only ones with a website suffering from ‘cobblers children’ effect.

Anyway, we hope you like it. We’re particularly proud of our branding. Created by the wonderful Kirsty (whose day job is for a very well known branding agency) we think she manages to capture exactly what we were looking for without us even knowing it!

But one thing I wanted to flag was how much we learnt from being the folks doing the briefing.

We often work with organisations who provide us with a brief and we respond by offering ideas as to what we believe is the right ‘audio/mobile voice’ to fit the not only the needs of their audience but also communicate who they are. Often, we tentatively hand over our strategy or creative treatments with great trepidation – ‘will they like it?’, ‘is this what they expected?’.

So, this time we sat on the other side of the table and I must say it was even more nerve wracking. But, Kirsty delivered. In fact she delivered so well — we have to admit we aspire to be the company she had designed.

The next stage for us is slowly taking responsibility for the design and the implementation of our brand and again, I realise how nervous I feel and how much we’re going to learn from this process too.


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