Families and Smartphones: The Report

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Late last week and earlier this week, we started sending out our completed report to all those who expressed an interest. You can see a brief description here and drop us a line if you’re interested in seeing a copy. [Update: You can now download a copy here )

The research originally came from work Alyson and I had completed and observations we had made about how friends had started using iPhones with their families. We wondered if it families had access to smartphones but also how they were using them and if this audience crossed over to the cultural sector.

The whole process has been fabulous – terrifying – but fabulous.  The terrifying part came from devising, developing and writing our own report based on our own ideas. The brilliant part came from the overwhelming response to the survey – in terms of respondents and people wanting a copy of our results – to the support we’ve received writing the report.

We had help from lots of different people. Suzy Sarraf  from AAM Media&Technology gave us access to her HUGE online network. Matt at Fusion Analytics answered my SOS when I realised my questionnaire was completely in appropriate for the size of response. Abi Hackett helped us unpick all the comments into a coherant structure. Lastly and very importantly an impressive list of reviewers who took time to read and reflect on what we had written. There feedback was invaluable not only for checking we spoke sense, but encouraging us to get it out to people.

So now we hope, over the next few weeks, to review some of the key themes that came about as we went through the reports. We’re starting to put together a schedule of follow up reports. If you want to receive these, you can sign up for emails or an RSS feed here.

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