Keeping it Social – a presentation on families and social mobile

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This is the presentation I gave for GEM Yorkshire event – Social Media and Museum Learning last week.

This was the first time I’d presented our report, so it was great to see in person what worked, and where the ‘oh!’ moments and the ‘ah yes!’ moments were. It was also useful to look at the report from a different starting point i.e what do we know about using social mobile in museums.

Our report wasn’t written to cover social media in it’s most commonly form (i.e. Facebook, twitter etc) however, at the core of the report, is a focus on how family smartphone experiences need to be designed with social behaviour in mind.

So what I hoped to cover were these points:

  • Smartphones are a fragmented platform. Developing something that is going to hit every person who owns a smartphone is going to be tricky as a result so…
  • Pick an audience, do your research on that audience’s needs and behaviours and provide something that meets them
  • Mobile is already being used in your museum in social ways; embrace it, encourage it, shape it
  • Start by experimenting with some of the low cost/free apps already launched rather than developing something new

In the presentation you’ll find data about how mums in particular are using social media, thoughts on how organisations might harness the behaviours of visitors using mobile in a social way already and some examples of free/lo cost apps.

It was a great day organised by Emma King, with interesting presentations from Bryony Taylor on engaging audiences using social media and Eric Hildrew from Museums Sheffield with a case study of the services uses of Flickr, Twitter and You Tube.

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