English Heritage

English Heritage has a long history of using on-site audioguides. Visitor surveys confirmed the effectiveness and popularity of these guides but they are also expensive to operate and limited in the type of interpretation they support.

The Interpretation team thought there might be an opportunity to use smartphones to address these issues but weren’t sure how. They asked Frankly, Green + Webb to identify opportunities and design concepts for apps to support wider marketing goals.

This project was about identifying the sweet spot in order for English Heritage to take their first steps into smartphone technology.

Using our concept design process, we analysed audience segmentations and mobile ownership data to identify potential audiences and build a business case. We delivered two creative approaches for apps.
These included:

  • A playful learning app for families designed to increase engagement, multiple visits and word of mouth marketing.
  • A personalised planning tool for a priority young adult audience designed to encourage movement between sites using specialist interests and historic narrative.

We delivered this project via a report, design document and presentation.

Image – “Stonehenge” by Waaghals, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license


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