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Precious Cargo is Yorkshire part of Stories of the World, one of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad projects. The project, which began in 2010, has brought young people – aged between 14 and 24 – into Yorkshire Museums with the aim of improving communication and engagement. Through a series of activities and events the young participants are providing consultancy advice on opportunities for youth engagement, exhibitions, events and world collections. The project will culminate in a series of co-designed and created events and displays across the partner museums in 2012.

In the process of exploring ways to communicate and interpret these activities, our client identified mobile as a potential tool. The Precious Cargo team was keen to understand if mobile was the right platform to connect with young people and, if so, what form the experience might take. Given the collaborative nature of the project it was important that the process actively involved both museum partners and the young people, building on and further developing their knowledge and skills and ensuring their full backing for the final proposal.

Frankly, Green + Webb identified the areas where the museum and young people could add most value in the research and development process. We used a combination of desk research, interviews and workshops with young people to develop a body of data and insights into ownership, motivation and use of mobile devices to support the funding bid. We then consulted with 13 partner organisations to identify technical and operational opportunities and constraints.

This was delivered via a workshop and a working document to support funding applications. This document included two outline design concepts including recommendations for development process and schedule and essential resources. We provided data to demonstrate need and value of the design and development of a mobile experience for the Project.

Renaissance Yorkshire commissioned Frankly, Green and Webb to undertake a short scoping exercise for its Precious Cargo programme, a museum partnership project delivering towards the London 2012 vision. Lindsey and Alyson’s expertise and knowledge of mobile interpretation in museums was greatly appreciated in helping us to understand both the opportunities and limitations of what we aspired to do, ie develop a mobile phone application for a range of Precious Cargo related exhibitions during 2012.

Their approach was very hands on and helpful in terms of engaging with a range of different stakeholders including young people and museum staff both within consultation and as a learning process. As a result, we have made an informed decision not to pursue our original vision but to consider alternative methods of delivery which will be more appropriate to our needs. Working with the team has been a pleasure, they understand the environment that we are working in and will provide any support as needed.

Rebecca Lee, Renaissance Programme Manager

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