Science Museum, London

The Science Museum is developing a major new gallery called ‘Making Modern Communications’ about the history of communications technologies. Mobile has been identified as one of the interpretation tools. As an organisation, the museum was keen to find innovative solutions to mobile interpretation, focussing more on providing a social learning experience.

The Digital team asked FG+W to work with them to identify which audiences would benefit most from this type of experience and the best approach to take. We worked closely with the project team using a mix of research, consultancy and group workshops to develop, test and refine a series of design concepts.

FG+W developed those concepts and provided a technical and creative framework for interactions and interpretation that could be adapted for both families and school groups, offering efficiencies and savings in content production

The proposals informed the development of the activity plan for the organisation’s HLF Round 2 Funding application.

We worked with Frankly, Green + Webb because although our team has a lot of expertise in developing digital exhibits for exhibitions, we have less experience of mobile interpretation. FG+W were able to offer expertise and deliver exactly what we required in the available time frame. They provided the additional skills that enabled the New Media department to support the project’s ambition and provide strategic advice for the entire range of digital offers across the project.

Working with FG+W enabled us, together with the rest of the project team, to crystallise our common understanding of the term ‘mobile interpretation’. It helped us move away from a broad term to a list of potential opportunities and outcomes, which benefited everyone involved in the project. This new understanding has allowed us to experiment more creatively with mobile technologies and to better conceptualise appropriate ways of using mobile interpretation. This has helped us form a new strand of innovation, research and development projects using mobile platforms that will reach beyond the scope of the initial project.

Anne Prugnon, New Media Manager for Making Modern Communication, Science Museum

Image by Borja AP available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license


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