Weeknotes: 03.2014

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There’s no escaping it: Frankly, Green + Webb is becoming an increasingly international affair. This week it’s just little old me left back in London, holding a candle for the UK.

Of course, there are some exciting reasons for this. Last week, we announced our involvement in a long-term project with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and it’s precisely this that’s keeping Alyson and Lindsey busy and out of the country as I write.

In the course of this latest trip to the Netherlands, they’ve been meeting up with the VGM team, using the findings from our recent on-site research as fuel for a series of workshops, centered on developing the concept for the Museum’s new handheld guide.

 Following an intense few weeks of data analysis, part of our process has been the creation of user, or in this case non-user, personas. We’ve been identifying the kinds of visitors that don’t yet buy into or benefit from the Museum’s existing multimedia guide, and trying to build a comprehensive picture of them, backed up by data. These personas will be used to provoke and test design ideas, and to help us judge how a new guide might be made to appeal to some of the Museum’s harder-to-reach audiences.

For Laura, over in the US, there’s also been lots of numbers to crunch. She’s been swimming in Google Analytics data for SFMOMA as part of our evaluation of the Rauschenberg Research Project, revelling in the delights of advanced segmentation and visit sequencing. Laura is working to tease out the story that the analytics data tell us about how the site is being used, and she’ll use that story as the foundation for an online survey and user interviews.

We’re cooking up some new US projects that will take us back to New York later in the winter and spring, so keep your eyes peeled for more details on those in the coming weeks.

To wrap up with events back in Britain, this week has seen us preparing for a two day workshop up at Lincoln Castle next week. We’re bringing together the final technological, experiential and content requirements for two separate digital products: a mobile app and a tablet kiosk.

We’re always happy to  acknowledge (and challenge!) our own limitations at Frankly, Green + Webb, and at Lincoln Castle, we recognised our need for an experienced interpretation consultant. Enter Dirk Bennett. Dirk’s been working with us since October drawing on his vast experience of creating interpretative content at English Heritage to help the team to shape the Castle’s wealth of historical stories and characters into a coherent set of themes, suitable for exploration across multiple digital platforms. It’s always a pleasure working with specialists, so if you are one and like the sound of what we do, do drop us a line and say hello.

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