Weeknotes: 05.2014 – Free Workshop Tickets Up For Grabs

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With progress steady on a number of familiar fronts, this week’s notes present a chance to change tack and flag some opportunities for you to meet our team and see what it’s like to work with us.

This April, FG+W will be at Museums and the Web in Baltimore running a half-day workshop, all about ‘Tools for Designing Visitor-Centred Mobile Experiences’. We’ll be leading the group through some user journey mapping, exploring the impact of context in mobile experience design and discussing ideas for design processes that keep visitors front and centre.

We’ll also be giving away sets of one of our favourite tools – our context cards – to each workshop participant. The cards set out different visitor situations and contexts and are used to provoke and test design ideas in a fast and fun way. Despite their simplicity, the cards have underlined for us the importance of context in mobile experience design – how useful are the digital products we develop? How well do they stand up to the different challenges facing visitors?

An interesting aside, as we’ve begun planning for the workshop, we’ve found ourselves in a slight quandary: what’s the best way to deliver the context cards game? We could turn the cards into an app (similar to these cards by IDEO) and give that away instead of the physical cards. But laying them out, mixing them up and rejecting giant cards is part of the fun, so if we go the app route some of that tactility is lost. We’re still not decided, so if you have an opinion please feel free to share in the comments below.

Cards or apps, what do you think?

Back to the conference, and there’s some exciting news that we hope will give some of you a little extra encouragement to join us. Thanks to the kindness of the conference’s sponsors it’s currently possible to book yourself up for that session for free. By entering this code (9ea6-4fce-ffba-63d3) when you register for the conference, you can come and enjoy and contribute to the session, all for the price of a glass of water or less.The free tickets are on a first come, first served basis, so, if you’re interested, act now!

A short hop and a skip from Baltimore, Alyson and Laura will be headed to New York late this February, from the 22nd to the 27th. If you’d like to meet up over a coffee, do drop them a line. We’re keen to hear what New York folks are up to, what’s working and what’s proving a challenge and perhaps share some of what we’re seeing here in Europe and elsewhere across the US.

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