V&A, London – in Partnership with Fusion Analytics

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The Challenge
The V&A wanted to understand the extent to which visitors were using their mobile devices during their visits to the Museum and help them identify and size the opportunities for mobile products and services.

It asked us to find out if its visitors were aware of the free WiFi service, if they owned smartphones or tablets and took them on museum visits, and if and how they wanted to use those devices in the course of a visit.

What we delivered
To answer these questions – working with a team from Fusion Analytics – we carried out a mass survey of V&A visitors, generating data that enabled us to size and segment the museum’s audience according to its mobile ownership and behaviours.

We also ran usability tests to spot the difficulties visitors had trying to access the WiFi system, and we held a number of in-depth interviews with visitors. These interviews gave us a detailed picture of what people wanted to get out of a trip to the Museum, and let us identify the best opportunities to support those objectives with mobile technology.

Spotting opportunities for mobile
Our work highlighted a number of opportunities to develop fantastic mobile experiences at the V&A, based on visitors real-life needs and expectations of mobile, and their motivation to use smartphones during a visit.

Building organisational confidence in mobile
Crucially, we were able to give the team the reassurance that its audience was equipped with mobile and keen to use it during visits.

Enabling conversations about mobile
The research we delivered gave the team the data it needed to talk seriously and persuasively to senior management and funders about mobile, and to secure support for future projects.










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