The Jewish Museum, New York

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The Challenge
The Jewish Museum has an ambitious five-year redevelopment plan with digital at its heart. It asked Frankly, Green + Webb to help plan a whole new digital infrastructure – from a redesigned website, to digital asset management and new, integrated approach to constituent relationship management.

What we delivered
This was an enormously complex undertaking, so we started by prioritizing the Museum’s needs and putting in place a roadmap for the first big deadline, a May 2014 website launch. In a first phase of activity we set about:

  • Assessing existing museum technologies
  • Recommending where new systems and workflows are required and how the Museum can maximize use of existing systems
  • Developing a roadmap for setup and rollout of a Digital Asset Management System
  • Providing recommendations web content management and web hosting solution

With the project on track, our work is already delivering significant benefits.

Focus on priorities
We believe that new technologies are only successful if they are accompanied by new ways of working together. Our focus on the involvement of TJM staff in realizing the technology upgrades has given the team confidence that they’ll be able to achieve their objectives for an upgraded infrastructure and new role for digital in engaging visitors.

Savings through smart decision-making
We have also helped the team make smart, economical decisions about its digital infrastructure, saving a significant amount of money. Our recommendations for web hosting and DAMS hosting have helped the Museum save thousands of dollars by switching to smaller, flexible packages that will meet current needs and can scale quickly as the Museum’s digital infrastructure grows.

We’re currently working with the Museum on Phase II of the project, an integrated approach to constituent management that will provide the Museum with a full picture of all its interactions with visitors, members and subscribers.

The Jewish Museum established an ambitious set of digital goals and an aggressive timeline, including implementation of our first DAMS, and building of a whole new website and CRM system, in less than two years.  The Frankly team’s help has been invaluable in helping us clarify the work, prioritize milestones, evaluate technologies, refine budgets and plan our work streams.  Their research and thinking has already saved us money on technology and process, and helped guide us towards better solutions.  We are confident that with FGW as our thinking partner, we will deliver on our goals on-time and on-budget.

             Colin Weil, Director of Marketing, The Jewish Museum


Image courtesy of Rolf Müller via Wikimedia Commons

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