Weeknotes: 19.2014

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With last week’s post all about awareness, what better way to follow up could there be than to use this week’s weeknotes to draw attention to a few talks and presentations we’ll be giving at various events over the next fortnight.

As well as enjoying having the chance to stand on a soapbox and talk about the subjects we care most about, we also love these occasions because they are great opportunities to catch up with old friends and colleagues face to face, and to introduce ourselves to some potential new ones. So – if you’re going to be at or nearby any of the following, please do tap us on the shoulder and say hello.

The Museums and Heritage Show, London
Digital interpretation: make it work for your audience
May 14th 3:50 pm – 4:30 pm
Alyson will be giving a presentation looking at the kinds of tools organisations can use to translate grand visions for visitor engagement first into coherent digital strategies and then into specific products and services. She’ll be talking about three tools we used to help Lincoln Castle take a handful of broad concepts for new digital platforms, shape these to fit the Castle’s strategic objectives, and develop them to the point of tendering to suppliers.

Museums Get Mobile!, Bristol
Designing for changing museum audiences in-gallery and online
May 16th 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
Lindsey will be taking a look at what happens when we stop designing mobile products and start using mobile as a tool in the design for a whole service. The truth is that mobile isn’t working for museums in the way we imagined. It’s not the silver bullet. We’ve made apps that haven’t been downloaded. We’ve created handheld guides that don’t get used and the perennial question of can mobile deliver pre- and post- visits still hangs in the air. This sounds gloomy. But instead of simply writing off mobile, Lindsey will explore a different, more holistic, service-based way of thinking about it. Tickets are still available for MGM, so it’s not too late to get involved.

American Alliance of Museums Conference, Seattle, WA
Panel: Beyond the Visitor Survey: using research to drive design decisions
May 18th 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Laura will be speaking on the role of design research in developing digital products and services that are truly visitor centered. She’ll be joined on the panel by a stellar cast: Allegra Burnette (Former Creative Director of Digital Media, MOMA), Charlotte Sexton (Former Head of Digital, National Gallery) and Janet Brunkhorst (Manager of Web and Digital Media, Asian Art Museum). The panel will present a series of case studies on the role of design research in museum digital projects; we’ll share research data, insights and recommendations that will be useful for digital, web and education teams.

Now that you’re all in the know, we do hope you can find the time to come and see us. Meanwhile, if you can’t make it, but know of someone who can and that you think we should meet, send them our way: the more the merrier!

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