Lincoln Castle, Lincoln

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The challenge

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) was mid-way through an HLF-funded project to redevelop Lincoln Castle. As part of the project, it had identified an opportunity to create four digital platforms to enhance the visitor experience and help the Castle reach out to new audiences. These included a handheld guide, a mobile app, a tablet-based archive experience and a new website.

What we delivered

We worked with the LCC team to help them understand:

  • How the four new platforms could work together to deliver the best experience for visitors and support the LCC team’s objectives
  • How the new digital offer would complement interpretation being developed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates
  • What resources would be required first to develop and then maintain these new digital products in the long-term

We worked together to create briefs that set clear objectives and parameters whilst leaving room for suppliers to give their creative response.  Almost as important as the end documents, was the process of creating them. We ran a fine-toothed comb over every aspect of each product, from the vision behind them, to cost, maintenance, implementation timelines and resourcing.


  • The team now share an understanding of what, how, when and for whom each product should deliver, and at what cost.
  • Budget was saved from one element of the project and was able to re-allocated to be easily by demonstrating the value to the visitor and the organisation to the funders.


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