Weeknotes: 48.2015: FGW goes to the East Coast, #MWXX, new launches at the British Museum

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We’re keen to tell you about the various interesting projects that we’ve started on recently, or are about to embark on, but can’t quite yet. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, a short round up of our last week.

In a piece of fortuitous timing, Laura and I were on the East Coast of the US at the same time, visiting family for Thanksgiving. We used the opportunity to visit several museums in New York and Washington DC, both separately and together.  So, we got to see the famous Pen in action at the Cooper Hewitt, try the National Museum of Natural History’s very interesting Skin and Bones AR app, and get a peek at experimental projects at the Met Media Lab and the American Museum of Natural History, and more besides. It was great to see what other museums across the pond are up to, which seems to involve playing with robots in several cases (bit jealous of the robots, I’ll be honest). Thank you so much to everyone who helped via twitter to recommend places and set up meetings, it was very much appreciated.

I’ve started writing up the experience on my own blog, and you can read Part One now on my visit to DC. It covers the Cryptologic Museum and their brilliant docents, instagramming at the Renwick, and the aforementioned augmented reality app at the NMNH. More soon.

Following on from our announcement last week that we had been accepted for two sessions at 2016’s Museums and the Web conference, the draft program is now live and booking has opened. On the subject of conferences, still time to book for the MA’s Museum Tech festival in January, chaired by Alyson.

Finally, we’re looking forward to trying the new audio guides at the British Museum, which have just launched (I helped in the early stages of the family one with some research over the summer. It was a great project). Congratulations to the team there!

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