Weeknotes: 10.2016 – a links round up on changing organisational culture, Art UK, Buxton Museum, games, personas and more

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Last week there was a lot of work on tenders and new business, along with some data gathering for the Science Museum audience project and stakeholder interviews with a client on a fabulous site that we can quite talk about yet. Given that there is not much we can report here on that, we’ve put together a round up of some of the links that caught our eye.

Before I get to that, just a note that Lindsey is at the Service Design in Government conference today and tomorrow, you can follow her tweets or the hashtag to see what’s going on there. Sounds like it’s been very interesting so far. Hoping she’ll report back at some point here with reflections on the talks she saw.

Links then!

I love how Buxton Museum are sharing their progress on a big new redevelopment project following a successful bid to HLF for Stage 2 funding (I helped with the pilot stage that lead to this). You can read their latest update here.

Culture Maps. A “tool that organizations can use to assess, map and transform their cultures”. Not tried this, but looks like an interesting idea to help solve a problem that can seem intractable – breaking out of organisational cultural ruts.

Art UK. “A New Website Lets You Browse Images of All Publicly Owned Art in the UK”. The Public Catalogue Foundation is now Art UK, and this is their collaboration with the BBC, Bob and Roberta Smith, and a ton of collections. They already have all of our publicly own oil paintings on the site (this was from the Your Paintings project, if you’re familiar with that) and aim to grow from there.

Personas: useful tools or pointless and ignored? This post argues that sometimes we should “kill” our personas, because they aren’t being used. Is a proto-persona the answer?

Games links: The Now Play This festival at Somerset House looks fantastic, I’ll be there. Also thoroughly enjoyed this interactive history of interactive fiction on the BBC website by Naomi Alderman, built in twine, just lovely.

And if I may be permitted the self indulgence, a post on my own blog: Stop wasting money on digital projects if you aren’t prepared to promote them properly. I’d really love to hear people’s thoughts about why this keeps happening, and how to avoid it.



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