Weeknotes: 13.2016 – Looking forward to #MWXX and an exciting VR experience

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A quiet week in the run up to Easter: Lindsey was on a well deserved holiday and the rest of us were either recovering from the process of creating huge tender documents or head down in project work. Alyson and I were digging through data and stakeholder interviews for the discovery phase of our project with SS Great Britain, always an interesting process (we do like a bit of number crunching, as well as the meaty qual stuff).

Next week is Museums and the Web, of course, and Laura and I will both be there. Laura will be presenting on “Online scholarly catalogues: data and insights from OSCI” and I’ll be running a How To session on “Designing digital experiences for families”. You can read our papers on both of those links.

It looks like there are going to be lots of great sessions (so much so that I’m having real trouble deciding which to see). If you aren’t going it’s worth following the hashtag or catching up on the papers. Let us know if you are going though and fancy catching up over an ice cream break or the like.

I’m particularly interested in museum use of VR at the moment, so will be trying to catch a few sessions and demos on that (e.g. this one from the British Museum). I tried the HTC Vive as part of the Virtually Dead experience last week and oh boy, that’s fun. It senses where you are in space so you can really move around with it and the controllers just worked very well. It was extremely exciting to play a first person shooter in this environment (my heart was pumping, full adrenaline experience!).

I still feel the resolution is about half what it needs to be for a fully immersive experience (I kept finding myself squinting to see my laser sight on zombies in the distance, when really it was just too pixellated to see properly), but I was reassured by the person behind this new VR pop up store in Old Street that this will be solved in the next year or so. When that happens, I think the potential applications for games are really exciting, and for museums too, although challenges will still remain about how to scale those experiences if using in-gallery.

Speaking of games, a reminder that games festival Now Play This starts at Somerset House today, and looks fabulous. I’ll be there every day for some of it, am really looking forward to it.


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