Weeknotes 14: Confessions, workshops and inspiration from last week

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Confession time: I had promised Martha that I would deliver weeknotes this week. It was all going to be fine as I could share my conference report from Service Design in Government. The truth is that I drafted something however, it started a provocative but productive conversation between Alyson and myself. The upshot is that I scapped that and now it’s something different than a weeknotes. I’m sure it will be worth the wait – I can promise it will come – but like all complicated births, I can’t promise when or how.

The actual big news, beyond my “dog ate my homework” excuses, is that we’ve had to shift our Getting to Grips with Games Workshop to Monday 23rd May. It will still be held at the innovative Museum of Making. It will still be led by the award-winning and independent games specialist Martha Henson. So if you can’t stand the thought of implementing another damn scavenger hunt then it’s time to book your tickets here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/getting-to-grips-with-games-a-workshop-on-engaging-games-for-museums-tickets-23239342499

So what have we been doing? Last week, I was scoping out a couple of projects for new clients, planning a series of visitor journey mapping and service design workshops with Battle Abbey and finalising a talk on the “Post-Digital Museum” that I’m giving in Turkey next week.

Martha and Laura were managing to simultaneously juggle projects while practicing their talks for Museums and the Web in LA. Meanwhile, Alyson was working on monster of a bid. She also had the pleasurable task of pinning down workshop sessions, working sessions and deliverables across several projects. A process of getting all our ducks in a row, ready to go for what looks like a stacked couple of months ahead. I’m not going to show much sympathy though, as she’s off to New York next week to work with Laura meanwhile I’m staying overnight at Birmingham airport and then Gatwick airport. We’re all so jet set – just clearly some of us are more jet set than others.

Other than giving you the ins and outs of our Done! list, I thought I would share the links that have been popping up in our Slack channels this week:




Martha is back next week – so I’m assured normal service will resume.

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