Weeknotes: 18.2016 – gamestorming, project beginnings and endings, a bit more MWXX

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Various project updates and some Museums and the Web highlights from Laura this week.

Lindsey started working with Bordesley Abbey on a HLF digital mentoring project for their new family and schools mobile experience. She also ran a second workshop at Battle Abbey, following last week’s journey mapping session, which started turning the findings from that into visitor experience objectives and then actionable insights.

She took some inspiration from the Gamestorming book for this, using their Plus/Delta “game” for feedback. “You have a plus sign and a delta sign (delta being the sign for change) on the board. You ask people for what you should keep next time you do the activity (in the plus area) and what you should change for next time. It’s a really constructive feedback mechanism”.

Lindsey and I were at the Science Museum, conducting stakeholder interviews for the mobile research we’re doing there. Whilst part of what we are doing is rerunning a previous quantitative study to see what might have changed in visitor use of mobile, we also want to dig a bit deeper with the qualitative study, so we’re using these interviews to determine the opportunities and challenges that we can look into for that.

Alyson was at the SS Great Britain, presenting the findings from the discovery phase of that project and working with the team there to turn that information into a research plan, which we’re now in the process of implementing.

Laura also spent last week doing some work on a different Science Museum project, finishing off the report for our evaluation of their online audiences. Whilst one project ends, another begins: she was also kicking off the American Museum of Natural History Explorer 2.0 evaluation we mentioned last week. Plus, she was having a bit of a reflection on Museums and the Web – see below:

“My favorite MWXX papers and presentations wrestled with big questions through the lens of  specific examples:

How might we use service design in museums?

I’m always interested to learn about how individual museums are using service design. And more importantly, the service design presentations at MWXX show how the museum sector is finding other models for the role of digital – moving away from designing stand alone products and towards thinking about services that are designed around visitor needs and involve multiple museum departments

How do we move from data to insight, or when does information become meaning?

What motivates visits to museum websites?


Apart from that, we were all following the digital storytelling conference at the Tenement Museum in New York via the hashtag – #DSMuse16. Hopefully some write-ups will appear from that, because it sounded like there were some very interesting presentations.

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