Weeknotes: 20.2016 – planning and reporting, digital publishing and OSCI, lots of links

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A big announcement about a big project coming soon, look out for that next week.

Last week here was a lot of planning and thinking going on around that Big Project. There was also a lot of planning for the Science Museum mobile research, the quantitative research for which is now underway (I’m writing this from my current office in one of the museum’s cafes).

Conversely, our other Science Museum project was wrapping up as Laura and Lindsey presented the findings of the online audiences report.

We had a UK team meeting focussing on our marketing. We’re looking at making some tweaks to the website to help people better understand what we do. Thankfully marketing specialist Jo Finn will be doing this rather than us, so we can stop tying ourselves in knots trying to express it. We’ve been there and it hurts.

Laura had a typically busy and jetset week in the States. She presented at the National Museum Publishing seminar in a session on Assessing Digital Publishing (you can read Laura’s thoughts on OSCI and digital publishing in this MW2016 paper) as well as working on the AMNH project and a couple of others too. 

Speaking of OSCI, the IMA lab is hosting some workshops around it:

Some links we’ve been looking at:

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