Weeknotes: 26.2016 – asking the audience, visitor research at five different sites

Last week was all remaining hands to the deck, whilst Lindsey was soaking up the sun and feta cheese (although she did make it back for a bit of journey map workshop planning on our rather strange post-Referendum vote Friday).

The National Gallery work continued apace, with planning and research to inform a series of workshops with staff mapping visitor journeys and developing content strategy. This has involved interviewing visitors about their experience, as well as getting them to jot down their thoughts about visit expectations and questions. Our research has taken place alongside research by the team at Applied Wayfinding and it has been fascinating to see some common themes emerging in the insights and begin to think through how the physical, human and digital elements might better support one another.  As ever, it’s been a joy to talk with visitors and great to see how willing people are to help out with research like this.

Alongside that we were working with Fabrique on the brand positioning for the NG, which culminated in a presentation for the team there.

There was a lot of planning going on for various bits of on-site visitor research. Laura was working on the plan for our new piece of research with the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. What will be a bit different about this is that we’re working with three of the museum team to do the audience interviews, the idea being that they have a chance to hear the experiences of visitors first-hand.

Back in the UK, we were also planning on-site to speak with visitors at the SS Great Britain as part of their ACE Resilience fund digital project. We had a strong and very specific target audience group, but it turned out to be very hard to pre-recruit for this using an online survey, as the narrow criteria ruled so many of our survey respondents out. Marketing the survey to a wide enough audience to get the numbers turned out to be the big challenge. In the end we decided to try a mix of pre-recruitment and onsite recruitment. We’ll let you know if that proved successful next week.

Other than that, survey work at the American Museum of Natural History got underway, as did some audience research with the National Museum of American Jewish History. Busy week.

Only one link to share, but hopefully it’s useful:

  • “arts & metrics features research content and a blog about audience research and evaluation in the culture sector, especially in relation to digital” http://artsmetrics.com/en/home/


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