Weeknotes: 32.2016 – FGW are off to the (Scottish) ballet, testing mobile experiences, lots of links

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Last week saw us drawing near to the end of several projects, as we began to discuss others with new clients. I was gathering together all of the audience research for the ss Great Britain project; all the onsite and phone interviews and narrated visits. Having transcribed many of the latter, I feel like I’ve been around the site at least 10 times myself and yet would still like a proper visit so I can see what everyone is talking about! We’ll be doing workshops to analyse all this data together with the team there next week.

Laura was tidying up a few bits and bobs before her holidays. Meanwhile, Alyson was pulling together the elements of the National Gallery content strategy from the workshops we carried out a few weeks ago and the testing we did during the Design Sprints.

Lindsey was helping out with content at Bordesley Abbey last week. She is currently mentoring the team through the development of a mobile experience for families and schools as part of her HLF mentoring role. The role means a chance to deliver specific interventions to support the team whenever they feel it’s needed.

The team were keen to do a final walkthrough of the script before they had it recorded. We’re always very keen to get people to test something in as realistic situation as possible so she got the team to record the audio themselves. By listening rather than reading you’re able to do what you expect the visitor to do.

The result of this test was a bit of re-ordering so instructions of where to look came before giving information, adding direction on where visitors needed to stand to connect the content to the physical space and letting people know to look back at the screen so they don’t get all skitty and worried if they are missing out on seeing something on it. All useful tips and if you would like few others there are some more covered in this interesting article on Producing Mobile Content by Alyson a couple of years ago.

Lindsey was also preparing for a kick off with a brand new client, Scottish Ballet – the national ballet company for Scotland. We’re going to be helping them to understand their audiences a lot better, so they can re-develop their brand and as a touring ballet company they can understand what the experience is like for attending a performance at one of the many theatres they work with. An interesting and new challenge for the team. First stop, Lindsey will be swanning off to the Edinburgh festival to see a performance of Emergence and MC14/22 next week.

Bumper links list this week:


Data and using it

Content creation, strategy and marketing

Tools for design

Digital and organisational transformation


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