Who we are

Frankly, Green + Webb have been together for five years. Alyson and Lindsey were the founding members, Laura set up our USA branch, and Martha has now joined us in the UK as a consultant. Our experiences and skills may be different but what has brought us together is a passion for culture and a belief that digital can help more people access what culture has to offer. We also share a love of travel, crafting and cake!

Alyson by Lindsey

Alyson Webb is a partner at Frankly, Green + Webb focusing on content design, interpretation and concept development. Recently her work has included a peer review of digital interpretation at the National Gallery, London, developing mobile app concepts for a UNESCO World Heritage site and is currently working with the Centre National de l’Audiovisuel in Luxembourg to develop content strategy and treatment.

With more than 20 years experience in mobile interpretation and learning, her achievements include devising the creative approach for the BAFTA winning Tate Handheld Guide, leading the development of the UK’s first mobile phone guide and the UK’s first museum app – Love Art for the National Gallery. In her previous role, as Creative Director for Antenna Audio, Alyson ran one of the largest and most productive content development teams in the industry with over 30 team members, producing up to a 1000 hours per year for clients across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Her expertise lies in making complex projects – simple, understanding the challenges of a project and developing wonderful creative responses.

She speaks regularly about digital interpretation and content design.

Lindsey by Alyson

Lindsey Green is a partner at Frankly, Green and Webb focusing on technical innovation, user experience design and participation. Her experience at FGW includes leading the mobile strategy development for Leeds Museums, project managing the iTransform project and concept development of apps for English Heritage. Her interests in mobile focus on the use for delivering social, playful experiences and how mobile can help people interpret the world around them.

With over 12 years experience in digital, creative learning and user experience design, Lindsey has worked with some of the most innovative cultural organisations to deliver some of their most innovative projects. In her previous role, Lindsey led the Client Services team at Antenna Audio – helping the top 10 UK museums to develop a strategic approach to mobile and then work with the organisation to deliver the projects. Her expertise comes in knitting together marketing, on-site operations and technology to deliver a service that works.  She has led digital projects for Tate, English Heritage, Arts Council and National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Lindsey regularly speaks on the use of handheld technology in museums and cultural organisations and mobile and the social web.

She loves to bake and make and recently confessed to harbouring a (not very secret) passion for Harris Tweed.

Laura by Alyson and Lindsey

Laura is our US Partner at Frankly, Green + Webb focusing on mobile strategy, kiosk and web experience design. She has worked in arts marketing, education and technology for twenty years, creating innovative media, web and mobile programs that enable cultural organizations to communicate more effectively with their audiences.

Recently Laura has worked on mobile program operation for SFMOMA, a web, mobile and kiosk project for the Natural History Museum of Utah and a redesign of the Berkeley Public Library website.

For the past 9 years, Laura has been Business Development Director at Mediatrope Interactive Studio, developing award-winning websites and gallery interactives for museums throughout the United States. Previously, Laura led the US business development team at Antenna Audio (now Antenna International), the world’s leading provider of audio and multimedia guides. Laura has worked on dozens of museum projects including online exhibitions for the International Museum of Women, large-scale website redesigns and gallery interactives for the Smithsonian and MFA Boston, and mobile programs for clients from the J.Paul Getty Museum to the Newport Mansions. Laura holds a B.A. in the History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania and she was a Ph.D. Mellon Fellow in the History of Art at the University of California, Berkeley.

Laura’s expertise lies in understanding museum goals and aspirations and the constraints our clients work within, her capacity to quickly understand and solve problems and work with a multitude of different departments.

Laura lives in Oakland, California with her husband, twin toddlers and way too many bicycles.