Weeknotes 33: What you need to know before making a mobile experience

Last week, I was contacted by someone we worked with a while ago. Her colleague had been approached by a company offering a free guide app that could, they said, help the organisation generate revenue through downloads. But would it?   We’ve carried out research and evaluation on mobile experiences for over 20 cultural organisations. […]

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Remote Working or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Slack

On February 22nd, 2016, posted in: different perspective, hints and tips, learning by 2 Comments

We work remotely As many of you may know, FGW is a team of four who live and work in four different places. I’m in Sheffield, Alyson is in South London, Martha Is in South East London and Laura is in Oakland, California.  We all love where we live, are part of communities and families […]

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Mobile Interpretation and the importance of Stakeholders

On February 1st, 2012, posted in: hints and tips, speaking by

We’ve been lucky enough to have a workshop proposal accepted at Museums and the Web this year in San Diego. It’s a workshop we’ll be leading with Sandy Goldberg from sgscripts entitled “Bringing your Stakeholders Onboard: Delivering Vibrant Mobile Projects” We planned the workshop, after a few clients had talked to us about the challenges […]

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Designing Effective Content for Mobile in Museums

On March 23rd, 2011, posted in: hints and tips, speaking by

We probably need to work on a snappier title, but this was the presentation Alyson made at Museums Association conference ‘Creating Digital Content’ I’m currently digging her in the ribs to write a bit more here – but in the meantime, have a look see here . The version on Slideshare has the invaluable speaker […]

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