What do we do?

What we do

We help cultural organisations achieve their strategic objectives through digital products and services. We help you better connect with existing audiences and their needs, and open up previously unexplored opportunities with new audiences.

We take a research and evidence based approach with a strong audience centred focus, and use service design thinking to make sure that what we do is integrated and effective.

How do we do this?

We offer a range of services, from small focussed interventions through to longer term strategic partnerships. So what does that look like?


Need an introduction to what your organisation could be doing with mobile, games, or other digital technology? Or perhaps you want to build on existing knowledge, to understand more about creating effective audio or multimedia guides, the game design process or how to create a good brief? We have several workshop formats ready to go that we can deliver in your organisation, and can also offer more tailored staff training to meet specific needs.

We have done this for: ME:CA, National Museum Wales

Critical friend consultancy

There are times when we all need a fresh pair of eyes on a project or challenge. Someone experienced who we know will act in our best interests and those of the project and/or organisation. A ‘critical friend’ is “a trusted person who asks provocative questions, provides data to be examined through another lens, and offers critique of a person’s work as a friend” (Costa and Kallick,1993) and it’s a role we have often played in a project. With deep experience in both the cultural sector and digital we can offer a very cost effective way to get rapid insight, feedback and help for individuals, organisations and projects to ensure you meet your goals. This can take several forms running from an intense day or two of review and advice through to supporting a team throughout the lifecycle of a project.

We have done this for: York Minster, Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Natural History Museum of Utah, National Museum of American Jewish History

Targetted design research

Understanding your audience’s needs and motivations is a critical foundation for both strategy and design. We specialise in working with audiences to understand their needs. We typically use a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques that allow us to build an in-depth understanding and empathy for the audience, question our own assumptions and identify areas of opportunity. Using different techniques also allow us to ‘triangulate’ results – checking that we have captured reality and fully understand what the data means.

Our research process can be a very important part of your discovery phase, making sure your digital project starts off with the right objectives and understanding of the user or visitor. We can work with you to develop a research framework that gets to the heart of the matter, carry out all the necessary quantitative and qualitative research, before producing a clear and frank report with the insight and analysis you need to move forward.

We have done this for: Wellcome Collection, V&A, Science Museum, National Maritime Museum

Project evaluation

Equally as important as up front research is finding out what the audience actually makes of what you have produced and whether it is delivering on your objectives. As with the user research, we will help you figure out the right questions to ask, and the appropriate quantitative or qualitative methods to answer those questions. We carry out the research, and produce a report geared to actionable insight and recommendations that will allow you to develop the product or improve the process for future ones.

We have done this for: Museum of London, English Heritage, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, London, SFMOMA, Walker Art Center

Digital strategy development

Is your organisation about to embark on a big capital project, perhaps a new museum or new entrance or wing, or a major piece of HLF funded work? If you are wondering if or how digital can help, we can work with you to help you understand what is possible and what you’ll need to do to make it work. We involve all the different parts of an organisation to deliver something sustainable with internal buy in, taking you from the big vision to the live project.

We have done this for: Lincoln Castle, Ben Uri Gallery

Research and design partnerships

We also work in partnership with digital agencies to provide understanding of the sector and how to marry together visitor experience with digital services. You may be an agency who is looking to add this knowhow to a project or a museum who feels they need a combination of agencies to get the best result. We also have existing relationships with agency partners with whom we can work to develop any digital products, and in house production and project management experience. We can stay with you to help you evaluate your product post launch, and continue to iterate it and learn from it.

We have done this for: Van Gogh Museum, Natural History Museum of Utah